WATCH: Toronto taxi driver compares Uber to ISIS

TORONTO – A taxi driver in Toronto has taken the cab industry’s heated battle against Uber to the next level by comparing the ride-sharing service to the Islamic State.

“Uber is going to be like ISIS my friend. Uber is ISIS,” said a driver identified as Suntharesan Kanagasabai during an anti-Uber protest in downtown Toronto Wednesday morning.

The cabbie made the comment while he was being recorded on the livestreaming service Periscope by Global News reporter Mark McAllister.

“John Tory, he’s not listening. He’s just yapping. The law is in the book,” he said.

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The remarks were made as taxi drivers staged a city-wide protest to urge politicians to enforce city bylaws against Uber.

Several main arteries into the city were delayed during the morning rush hour as taxi drivers made their way downtown.

Uber’s comparison to ISIS isn’t the first. Last year, a Philadelphia taxi association president was recorded comparing the ride-sharing company to the terrorist group during a board meeting.

The city is currently working on new rules that will reduce regulations for the taxi industry and introduce regulations for services like Uber but those rules aren’t expected until next year.

Toronto Mayor John Tory has said that while Uber is operating outside legislation, it would be impractical to devote the police and bylaw attention necessary to shut it down entirely.


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