In an art gallery far, far across Halifax harbour, lies a Star Wars art show you don’t want to miss

DARTMOUTH – If you’re looking for an early fix of your favourite Star Wars characters, look no further than The Dart Gallery in Dartmouth.

It might not be the biggest art gallery in the galaxy, but the themed show is jam packed with fun features made by Nova Scotia artists.

“It’s all about the celebration of Star Wars,” said Jane MacDougald, owner of the gallery.

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Eric Miller is one artist who wanted to channel his long-time love of the movies and decided to feature one of his screen prints in the show.

“For me, thinking back to watching ‘Star Wars’ as a kid, I’ve always been drawn to the battle of Hoth,” he said.

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WATCH BELOW: A sneak peek inside the Star Wars art show

The show features everything from paintings to pillows, wallets to portraits, even wallets.

“The stories and characters seem to appeal to so many people and just really get, kind of get ingrained in their psyches,” McDougald said.

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All of the items are for sale, so visitors can display this Star Wars art in their homes. The items range in price from $4 to $500.

And made by hard working artists, they are.

“I don’t know exactly how long it took to make. I stopped counting after I went over probably 100 hours,” Miller said.

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“I think deep down, ‘Star Wars’ really kind of is the classic story of good versus evil. It’s something that I feel like, even if you’re not necessary into science fiction, everybody can kind of relate to that,” MacDougald said.

Until December 15, the show runs.