Wait, what? Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner are related, says report

Turns out Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lawrence are related. Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

According to family heritage site, it turns out that A-listers Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner are related.

As reported by People, the research team at Ancestry figured out that Lawrence, 25, and Renner, 44, are fifth cousins once removed (meaning Lawrence is one generation younger than Renner).

“The discovery of the connection between Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner was complete happenstance,” Michelle Ercanbrack, a family historian at Ancestry, said to People. “It all began when researchers started looking into the cast of The Hunger Games, thinking that perhaps there would be a connection between Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, since they “both have deep Kentucky roots.”

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“Later, we were researching Jeremy Renner and noticed he had a Tague family line from Kentucky, which looked familiar. Once we realized Jennifer Lawrence had the same family in her tree, finding the relationship between the two was not only quick, it was really close,” says Ercanbrack.

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The common ancestor of the two actors is Kentucky farmer Robert Tague. According to Ercanbrack, Tague is Lawrence’s fifth great-grandfather and Renner’s fourth.

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“The similarities between the two are striking: both have deep Kentucky roots, both are parts of wildly successful franchises, and both play family-oriented, freedom-fighting archers,” she says.

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