Recount ordered for Regina-Lewvan riding

Following the close results of the Regina-Lewvan riding Trent Fraser's Conservative campaign received approval for a judicial recount. File / Global News

The race for Regina-Lewvan is not quite over yet, as a judicial recount has been ordered.

On election day the NDP’s Erin Weir was declared the victor, narrowly beating the Conservative’s Trent Fraser by 143 votes. However, at a voter validation meeting on October 21 Weir’s lead decreased by eleven votes.

On Tuesday Fraser’s campaign submitted a request for a judicial review and received word the recount had been approved by a judge that night.

“Because of what we discovered and how the vote had shrunk, we wanted to ensure first of all, that everybody who took the time to go and vote that their vote was counted correctly,” said Fraser’s campaign manager Kelly Gallagher. “That was our motivation.”

Now a team of volunteers from the parties and a judge will begin to recount over 48,000 ballots starting on Thursday.

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Weir says that he does not think the recount will change the outcome and that his team is willing to take part in the process.

Other candidates in the riding include Louis Browne (Liberal), Wojciech Dolata (Libertarian), and Tamela Friesen (Green).

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