Conservative Kerry Diotte wins in Edmonton Griesbach

EDMONTON — Kerry Diotte has won the riding of Edmonton Griesbach for the Conservative Party.

Diotte, a former Edmonton city councillor, said a lot of hard work went into his win.

“It was just door knocking, door knocking, door knocking,” he said. “A great team. I mean, we worked hard.”

Diotte said he will make sure the Conservatives “hold the Liberals’ feet to the fire.”

“I am a fiscal conservative, obviously the Conservatives are fiscal conservatives, so that’s our duty and we’re going to be a great Opposition.”

Diotte was up against NDP Janis Irwin, Liberal Brian Gold and Green Heather Workman.

The new riding consists mostly of the former riding of Edmonton East, with parts of the former Edmonton-St. Albert riding.

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Long-time Conservative MP Peter Goldring had represented this general area since 1997, first for the Reform Party, then the Canadian Alliance, and finally for the Conservative Party. Goldring did not run in the election.

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