Edmonton man wins battle against Canada Post over community mailbox

EDMONTON — An Edmonton man who has been protesting the installation of a community mailbox on his front lawn has claimed victory over Canada Post.

“The fact that they’re moving the cluster box, or monster box as I sometimes call them, to my neighbour’s property means I’ve won this battle,” said Ken Pudetz.

Pudetz has been camped out on his front lawn trying to keep the mailbox from being built on his property. When Canada Post dug up the plot on his lawn where the box would sit, Pudetz covered it over and vowed to sit on his front lawn until Canada Post found a new location for the box.

Pudetz was worried about the traffic and litter and mailbox would bring. He was also concerned the value of his property would drop.

Earlier this week, Pudetz received a notice from Canada Post saying the box would be moved up the block onto another person’s property.

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“Some of my neighbours are very angry because it was so convenient to walk over here to pick up their mail,” he said. “They’re annoyed with me.”

Pudetz is also pleased because he qualifies to have his mail delivered once a week to his door.

Last week, about 30,000 south Edmonton households saw the end of door-to-door delivery.

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