Producing “sick” sounds: Moncton DJs hope to make it big on the EDM scene

WATCH ABOVE: Two Moncton Dj’s are making a name for themselves at dance clubs across New Brunswick, and now Houseparty is about to launch their very first album. Global’s Shelley Steeves reports.

MONCTON – Two Moncton DJs making a name for themselves at dance clubs across the province are about to launch their very first album.

Cramped in the corner of a tiny Moncton bedroom, “Houseparty’s” Nathan Noye and JB Tambeau are trying to produce sounds ‘sick’ enough to fill entire dance floors across the Maritimes.

“I was like ‘I want to make other people dance,’ so I am going to start making electronic music,” said Tambeau.

The electronic dance music DJs teamed up only 4 months ago to form “Houseparty”. Both young men are full time students by day, but at night their lives explode on stage where they focus on producing their own original sounds.

“We want to show people that we are not just somebody else hitting a space bar on a computer, we actually have something to offer,” said Noye

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Nathan is the melody man, JB is the master music mixer.  This Saturday they’ll be launching their first album called “Motive”. All of the cuts on the album were produced in a tiny bedroom in between classes with little sleep.

Tambeau says the sleepless nights will all be worth it if they can make it big on the DJ scene one day.

“When you have the music playing you don’t picture yourself in the small space you picture yourself on an ultra music festival main stage,” said Tambeau.

Making it big they know it’s a long shot because competition is fierce. But the pair has already made a name for themselves in New Brunswick. With hearts as big as their sounds they also play for charity groups for free.

“I just like to make people happy and if I can make it easier on someone else it’s going to make me happy,” said Noye

The next stop, they hope, will be Halifax, where Tambeau says the electronic music scene is all the rave.

“We would love to go into Halifax because a lot of the big artists come there,” he said.

“The Helm Fest in Halifax we would absolutely love to plan there because it’s a good crowd for dance music there,” said Noye

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But no matter where they play, seeing a crowd dance to their tunes on the dance floor is what really gets their blood pumping.

“It’s an amazing feeling whenever we see everyone dancing in the same time hands in the air smiling and all that it just feels great,” Noye said.