Budget cuts hurt Quebec’s vulnerable: Ombudsman

WATCH ABOVE: Many services have been affected by Quebec budget cuts.

MONTREAL – Government budget cutbacks are having a damaging effect on some of the most vulnerable people in Quebec, concluded the annual report from Quebec’s Ombudsman.

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The report was tabled at the National Assembly Thursday.

Quebec Ombudsman Raymonde St-Germain told reporters that she fully supports budget cutbacks that do away with red tape, but she said cuts in health and social services are having a direct impact on society.

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She noted that the health department has been dragging its feet when it comes to improving services in mental health.

“Some citizen rights have been infringed, some illegal, or administrative fees have been imposed to them that were not, according to me, the best choice to make,” said St-Germain.

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St-Germain also said that seniors in longterm care centres are suffering because the budget cutbacks are having a direct impact on services, like the number of baths they receive every week.

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