Plans brewing for future use of old Moncton High School

MONCTON – An MLA says he is working with a community group to re-purpose the old Moncton High School.

Chris Collins says the group includes various members of the business community.

“We have a community group that’s been working on this project for some time and they’ve done tremendous work in coming up with a vision for this property,” he said.

He said they should have more information about the plan by the spring.

The building opened in 1935. It was built in the Collegiate Gothic style and features sandstone, decorative red brick and wooden doors.

It also has a 1,200 seat auditorium.

The school closed earlier this year and it’s students have been attending the new Moncton High School since February.

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Collins would not get into details about the plan for the old school. But he said they want to consult with residents about their work.

“We need to know it’s being approved and it’s the right thing for the community,” he said.

Mark Higgins lives near the school. He says he’s glad to hear a plan is in place for the historic building.

“At this point it’s important to get a plan together in the short-term to make sure this building is used for the community,” he said.

“Us having real input and real say instead of lip service is important.”

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