Winnipeg Ashley Madison users concentrated in a few areas: analysis

A Global News analysis shows where Ashley Madison users were concentrated. GETTY IMAGES

WINNIPEG – Winnipeg came at the bottom of a list of Ashley Madison-using Canadian cities – but a few neighbourhoods showed many more people using the cheaters’ online dating service.

Ashley Madison across Canada
(Percentage of the population spending money on Ashley Madison)

The R3C postal code in Winnipeg, which includes the downtown area between Portage Avenue and the Assiniboine River as well as some northern suburbs, had 96 people signed up as fee-paying subscribers on Ashley Madison, which specialized in linking up people who want to cheat on their spouses. A Global News analysis of Ashley Madison data indicates homes with that postal code had 0.58 per cent of the population using Ashley Madison.

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The R3Y area had 0.51 per cent, or 59 people, who were fee-paying subscribers.

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Take a look at the map below to find out how many fee-paying subscribers there are in your postal code.

The data comes from postal code information associated with credit cards used to pay for services on the site. Hackers released a vast trove of data, covering millions of accounts at the service, last week.

Fee-paying Ashley Madison members: Manitoba »

Fee-paying Ashley Madison members: Manitoba


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