Videotron high-speed customers win class-action suit

A close-up of a Videotron cable bill.
A close-up of a Videotron cable bill. Canadian Press Images/Mario Beauregard

MONTREAL – Videotron extreme high-speed internet customers may soon receive a rebate from the company.

Videotron has been ordered to pay at least $1.2 million to clients of their high-speed internet service after a class-action lawsuit was launched against the company in 2011.

Videotron implied that its extreme high-speed service allowed unlimited downloading, but the company imposed a 100 gigabyte limit soon after the original plaintiff signed his contract.

Anything over that limit cost $1.50 per gigabyte.

According to Quebec’s consumer union, the change affected about 34,000 customers and violated Quebec’s consumer protection act.

Videotron said it is reviewing the decision.

The company has 30 days to decide whether it will appeal or not.

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