North end of Cambie Street Bridge could be home to ‘Arc’ development

WATCH: An architecturally unique building is being proposed for the north end of Vancouver’s Cambie Bridge. Ted Chernecki gives us the reaction.

A new design for a proposed building at the foot of the Cambie Street Bridge could be another dramatic addition to Vancouver’s skyline.

Concord Pacific is applying for a preliminary development permit for a rezoned property at 89 Nelson Street. In renderings submitted to the city, the new design by local company Francl Architecture includes a skybridge that would link two towers.

“It’s an imaginative design, it’s certainly different from many of the buildings that people are starting to tire of in Vancouver,” says local architect and planner Michael Geller.

The aptly-named “Arc” development would be 29 storeys high with 558 residential units and additional retail space. But it’s the linking skybridge and the curves on the building that are getting the most attention.

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“Architects and developers are challenging themselves to do something interesting,” says Anita Molaro, Vancouver’s Assistant Director of Planning.

“[We’re] trying to provide those moments, within the urban fabric, of something special in a built form.”

At the north end of the Cambie Street Bridge, the building would create a gateway to downtown rivaling other large towers under construction at Granville Street and Burrard Street.

“In those landmark locations, [there’s] something special about them that is evocative perhaps,” said Molaro. “Particularly notable. The Granville Street tower is doing something unique as a gateway sight into the city…and that helps enrich our experience.”
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Rendering of the proposed tower at 89 Nelson Street. Francl Architecture

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