‘Bepsey’ the free car finds a new home

ABOVE WATCH: Last month we told you about a selfless young woman who was giving away her car “Bepsey” to a deserving family. As Quinn Campbell reports, she has made her pick.

LETHBRIDGE- Last month, Leslie Huettmeyer got a new vehicle.  The question was – what to do with her beloved Bepsey?  Rather than trade her in, Bepsey was given away to a new owner.

Huettmeyer signed her car over to Michelle, a mother of two young kids.

“I’m excited and I’m speechless,” said Michelle.

Huettmeyer said the moment she saw the look on Michelle’s face, it was all worth it.

“I feel like sometimes in life, there comes a time where you get to a certain place in your life to help others and that is great,” said Huettmeyer.

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It all started with a Facebook post offering Bepsey to a good home.  Michelle’s friend tagged her in the comments and mentioned her van had broken down, and the rest is history.

“I just liked it and that was it and then Leslie contacted me asking if our vehicle really did break down, and we started talking back and forth to each other and she said she wanted to meet us,” said Michelle.

Huettmyer is a student, and also works, but managed to squeeze in the time to read all of the messages that flooded in before narrowing it down to six.

“Honestly, as soon as I met her, I knew I was going to give her Bepsey.”

Michelle says the amazing part of this whole experience is the generosity of one young woman, looking to make a difference.

“The overall gesture, you don’t hear about people helping other people like this often and it’s just overwhelming.”

Huettmyer hopes that her random act of kindness inspires others to look for opportunities to pay it forward.

“It’s a really heartwarming feeling to know that I made a difference in somebody else’s life.”

Huettmeyer’s one wish for Bepsey: her name to stay the same.  Michelle says that was a no-brainer.

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“We are keeping it. My kids are already calling the car Bepsey, so we are definitely keeping the name.”

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