NDP urges parents who don’t need child care cheques to donate them to party

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OTTAWA – The federal NDP is encouraging parents who don’t need the newly enhanced universal child care benefit to donate the money to the party.

The party’s latest fundraising email blast urges supporters to follow the example of Ella, a financially-secure single mother who intends to donate her UCCB windfall to the NDP.

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NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has promised that a New Democrat government would keep the enriched UCCB in place.

The fundraising missive comes during a week in which Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has stepped up his criticism of Mulcair for perpetuating a Conservative benefits regime that gives equal payouts to parents, regardless of income.

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The NDP’s fundraising missive cites an email purportedly sent to Ottawa MP Paul Dewar by a woman named Ella.

Ella says she was disgusted by Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre’s “offensive partisan announcement” earlier this week, touting the boost in UCCB payments which parents started receiving this week in a lump sum back-dated to January.

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