Statue commemorating dual Miracle Mile unveiled at Hastings Park

WATCH: The Miracle Mile statue was unveiled today at Hastings Park, memorializing the 4-minute mile run by England’s Roger Bannister and Australia’s John Landy.

A famed Vancouver statue was brought a little closer to the location where it was inspired.

The Miracle Mile statue, which commemorates the historic runs by Roger Bannister and John Landy in the 1954 Empire Games, was re-unveiled today at Hastings Park, near Empire Stadium where the run happened.

For decades, the possibility of someone running a mile under four minutes was considered near impossible, until Roger Bannister achieved the feat in 1954.

Two months later, at Empire Stadium, Bannister and Australia’s John Landy both ran under four minutes at the Empire (now Commonwealth) Games, thrilling the crowd at Empire Stadium in Hastings Park.

While a statue to mark the occasion was built in 1967, it had sat at the main entrance to the park at Hastings and Renfrew until last year.

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The repatriation is part of the Park Board’s work to revitalize all of Hastings Park. A celebration of the re-opening will take place July 18.

“This is part of the long-term plan for Hastings Park. We’re really happy to see the Miracle Mile statue being repatriated back to its prime location,” said Park Board Chair John Coupar.

“There’s lots here for people to see and do, and we think this will be a really heavily used park, and a real asset to the community.”

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