Heading to Quebec City? Check out the new Zoofari

WATCH: A new family-friendly attraction has taken over Quebec City – the zoofari. Global’s Caroline Plante reports.

L’ANGE-GARDIEN – A new family-friendly attraction just opened its doors, 25 minutes from Old Quebec.

Zoofari is a new hiking ground with 27 species of animals who mostly get to roam free in the grounds.

“We have deer, sheep, alpacas, birds, fish. It’s eye-opening for everybody because they’re not predictable. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We don’t know how many we’re going to see,” said the park’s director-general Steeve Gaudreault.

“We don’t know if they’re going to show up when we walk around. Even for us who are here everyday, everyday is a different experience.”

Zoofari is the only animal park within a 200 km radius.

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Developers have pumped more than $1 million into the project so far with the goal of attracting 20,000 tourists the first summer.

“There’s a lot of Europeans who say ‘OK we want to be there,’ because for them to have such grandeur, an open space, they don’t see that in their environment so they love to come here and be able to walk around and see the animals,” Gaudreault said.

As Zoofari waits for the cruise ship season, locals told Global News they enjoyed discovering their new space.

Five-year-old Léopold Sirois said he loved seeing all the animals.

“It’s a nice outing for families,” added Linda Paradis.

The park is 10 km wide, but only occupies about 5 per cent of the total land.

If everything goes well, staff said Zoofari can only grow and improve.

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