Investors Group Field architect blames Triple B, builder for problems

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WINNIPEG — The architect who designed Investors Group Field is fighting a lawsuit against him, saying any deficiencies at Winnipeg’s problem-plagued stadium are not his fault.

Raymond S.C. Wan Architect Inc. in Winnipeg filed a statement of defence after Triple B Stadium Inc. sued the architect and builder Stuart Olson Dominion earlier this year.

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Wan’s defence states a leaking roof and poor drainage is Stuart Olson’s fault, and cracked concrete happened during the curing process.

It states after the guard rails were installed to code, Triple B wanted them changed to improve sight lines, which took extra time and money.

Wan says he was only asked to design the stadium for use in three seasons and was not asked to ensure semi-trailer trucks could access the field level. Parts of the stadium were winterized and field level was made accessible to semi-trailer trucks after the stadium was built, adding to delays and ballooning costs.

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The stadium was a year behind schedule and cost $210 million. When it was first planned, the cost estimate for the new stadium was $115 million.

Triple B Stadium has already spent $4.7 million to fix the leaking ceiling and concrete cracks. They want Stuart Olson and Raymon Wan to pay for further repairs.

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