N.B. government bans flavoured tobacco, menthol

WATCH: The New Brunswick government has said it will ban flavoured tobacco products all together, as Laura Brown reports New Brunswick now joins other provinces who have done the same thing.

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick is joining Nova Scotia in banning the sale of flavoured tobacco products, including menthol.

The provincial government introduced amendments to the Tobacco Sales Act today that prohibit the sale of such goods as of Jan. 1, 2016.

The sale of e-cigarettes and e-juices to people under 19 will also be prohibited, vapour shops will have age restrictions and the sale of smoking supplies to minors will be banned starting July 1.

Health Minister Victor Boudreau says the move is aimed at discouraging people in New Brunswick from taking up the habit while also preventing chronic diseases and lowering health-care costs.

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This is the second piece of legislation introduced this week limits smokers.

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Boudreau introduced a bill Wednesday that bans smoking in public places that are frequented by children, including restaurant patios, sports fields and beaches.

Similar restrictions come into effect Sunday in Nova Scotia, which passed legislation banning the sale of flavoured tobacco, including menthol.

Imperial Tobacco Canada is challenging the legislation and issued a release Thursday saying Nova Scotia exceeded its legal authority with the ban.