Canadians lead the world in using the smiling poop emoji

Canadians lead the way when it comes to the use of the smiling poop emoji. Global News

TORONTO — Forget the smiley face: a new report suggests Canadians like to add a little spice to their textspeak with suggestive — and pungent — picture icons.

SwiftKey, a company that produces software for typing on mobile devices, analyzed how its users interspersed emojis into their messages over a four-month period.

The analysis included Google Android and Apple iOS users who typed in 16 different languages.

The report found Canadians were in the top spot for using the not-so-subtle poop emoji.

Canadians’ use of emojis that could be considered raunchy or sexual was double the overall average.

And the use of violent emojis like guns, knives, punching fists, fires, explosions, skulls and bombs was 50 per cent higher in Canada compared to the overall average.

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“Canadians score highest in emoji categories some may consider to be more American,” the report notes.

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