Global News reporter Brett Ruskin helps mother-to-be in Halifax snowstorm

UPDATE: The second woman identified as “Lisa” gave birth to baby a boy named Liam at 9:03 p.m. AST

HALIFAX – For Global News reporter Brett Ruskin, it was just another day covering another winter storm until he heard the words “Help me, I’m in labour!”

Ruskin, who reports for Global Halifax, was covering the latest blast of winter weather to hit the city and had been on scene where emergency responders were trying to reach a pregnant woman.

Crews cleared a path to the woman’s house and managed to get her through the snow on a sled and into an ambulance.

Ruskin returned to his car after they left and was preparing to leave when he heard a second woman’s plea for help.

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He put his camera down and crawled through the snow, and when he reached the woman he found out she was one week overdue and having contractions.

Ruskin helped the woman back through the snow and called 911. He had to explain that there was a second pregnant woman who needed help at the same location where crews had just helped the first one.

They made their way to a neighbour’s house and stayed on the line with the ambulance, which arrived about 10 minutes later.

After helping the woman back up to the street, Ruskin packed up again and was on his way, but not before his story had made headlines on Twitter.

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Watch: Raw footage of Global Reporter Brett Ruskin helping mother to be in labour.

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