WATCH: Australian man desperately digs out friend buried by avalanche

ABOVE: See the incredible footage of the avalanche that left an Australian skier buried – and his friend’s desperate attempts to dig him out

An Australian skier has been telling of the terrifying moment he was buried by an avalanche whilst skiing with a group of friends on the Swiss-French border.

James Mort, 20, was skiing at Les Crosets with friends when he was trapped by the avalanche in January, local media reported.

One of Mort’s friends filmed the entire incident on a camera that was strapped to his helmet at the time.

The video shows the moment the avalanche hit, as well as the frantic efforts to rescue Mort from under the snow.

They were able to locate Mort after he thrust his ski pole up through the snow to let them know his location.

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“My heart was racing, I’m thinking ‘where is he? He’s got to be under here, we’ve got to find him,'” Mort’s friend Daniel O’Sullivan told Australia’s Nine Network.

Mort’s helmet emerged from the snow as his friends dug around him.

He was freed about an hour after the incident occurred, local media reported.

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