3 NDP staffers who worked for Theresa Oswald campaign lose jobs

WINNIPEG — Three NDP political staffers have been let go after they took leaves of absence from their jobs to work for Theresa Oswald’s leadership campaign.

Anna Rothney, Jen Anthony and Alissa Brandt worked at the legislature for Premier Greg Selinger. Sources told Global News some were willing to take different jobs with the NDP after the premier beat Oswald in the party leadership vote Sunday, but they weren’t given that option.

Oswald led a rebellion against Selinger’s leadership as the governing party suffered in the polls under the unpopular premier. She and four other cabinet ministers resigned their posts but continued to sit as backbench MLAs.

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Political staff were told in December that they could take leaves to work on competing campaigns and return to their jobs without fear of reprisal.

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The premier has not yet responded to the reports.

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“There are decisions we make going forward … and they are decisions that are hopefully arrived at by mutual agreement,” Selinger said Monday when asked about the fate of staff that worked for other candidates’ leadership campaigns.

Liam Martin, Selinger’s chief of staff, was given just over $146,000 severance when he parted ways with Selinger following the caucus revolt.

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