Union-Pearson express corridor to cost Toronto nearly $100-million

Union Pearson Express train.
Union Pearson Express train. Metrolinx

The City of Toronto is prepared to pay more than $95 million towards the cost of the Metrolinx Georgetown South Project. That’s the $1.2 billion upgrade of the rail corridor that would include the Union to Pearson express.

Anne Marie Aikins at Metrolinx says the transit authority and the city “have been in talks for four or five years” as this project developed. The portion of the city’s costs was subject to work done according to “crossing agreements.”

Typically, it included upgrades to roads, utilities and infrastructure that crossed the rail corridor.

“Metrolinx did the work with the city’s permission and the understanding that we would seek repayment,” said Aikins.

Mayor John Tory had suggested earlier this week that negotiations were continuing with the province on a number of transit and rail projects.

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“I think there’s a lot of things to discuss with the province with respect to things that are not only beneficial to the city of Toronto but to the entire GTA,” he said.

Aikins says Metrolinx and Toronto are “still in discussion but have settled on the amount.”

The corridor upgrade is scheduled for completion this spring.