Chunks of West Edmonton Mall parkade crash through car

WATCH ABOVE: After leaving her car in a parkade at the West Edmonton Mall, a local woman returned to find concrete had fallen on it. Fletcher Kent has the story.

EDMONTON – When Raven Nickerson left work on Monday, she didn’t know what to make of the mess around her car.

Then she got closer.

“I was so scared,” said Nickerson. “What was on my car? I thought it was a box of tissue. I picked it up and it was a 10-pound chunk of concrete.”

As she examined her car more closely, she found other chunks had done even more damage.

Nickerson had parked on the lower level of a parking structure at West Edmonton Mall. When she looked up, she saw a gap in the roof about one-meter long.

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Nickerson says the concrete caused $2,300 of damage to her car. While she is upset about her vehicle, she’s more worried about the concrete.

“That just scared me so much.”

“All I could picture was what if I had been standing there? What if I had a child in the back seat?”

While a definitive cause has not been determined, a mall spokesperson says it was likely a result of the dramatic freeze-thaw cycle the city has been experiencing.

However, Sheri Clegg says the structure is safe. This was an isolated incident.

“Our engineers have conducted a thorough review of – not just the area in which this incident occurred – but the whole parkade and have found no other issues.”

Repairs to the parkade are underway.

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Several pieces of concrete fell onto Raven Nickerson's car from the roof of a West Edmonton Mall parkade. Raven Nickerson, Supplied

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