Mars, Venus and crescent moon gather in Friday evening sky

There will be a beautiful sight in the sky Friday night as Mars, Venus and the crescent moon come together. Courtesy Stellarium

TORONTO – It may be cold out (except if you’re in Vancouver, Calgary or Newfoundland), but it might be worth a brief jaunt outside after the sun sets this weekend.

You may have already noticed a bright “star” in the west during the late evening. That’s not a star, but the planet Venus.

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Mars and Venus have been moving closer together in the sky over the past month or so.

On Friday, after the sun sets, they will be less than a degree apart. But joining the pair will be the thin crescent moon — only 5.6 per cent illuminated — making for a beautiful trio.

The two planets will be closest together — called a planetary conjunction — on Saturday evening and then slowly begin moving apart again over the next few days. If you have a pair of binoculars, try taking a look at the planets with them.

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This is how close Venus and Mars will appear in the evening sky on Feb. 21. Courtesy Stellarium

So if you have clear skies and are willing to brave the cold for a few minutes, you’ll get a beautiful sight.

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