Which Edmonton ward files the most complaints with 311?

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EDMONTON — Have you ever wondered how many people in your neighbourhood have filed complaints with the City of Edmonton? Well, wonder no more.

The city launched 311 Explorer Thursday, an online tool that lets you search the 311 reports that have been filed in any ward, or neighbourhood, in Edmonton. The interactive online map allows users to explore complaints, open or closed, made in 12 different service categories.

“311 Explorer gives individuals, businesses and community leagues easy access to information,” said Maria Schrijvers, director of call centre operations with the City of Edmonton. “It is easy to use, very visual and illustrates how open and transparent we are with 311 requests.”

From complaints about dead animals to potholes, 311 Explorer displays reports about public property dating back to Jan. 31, 2013. Between that date and today, Feb. 19, 2015, 311 has received 131,907 complaints.

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Ward with the most complaints

Residents in Ward 8, which sits just south of the River Valley on the eastern border of Edmonton, have filed the most complaints with 311 since Jan. 31, 2013. A total of 15,852 complaints have been filed. There are currently 635 open complaints in the ward.

Nearby Ward 7 came in second with 13,644 complaints since early 2013. There are currently 374 open complaints in the area, located just north of Ward 8.

Ward with the least complaints

Those in the city’s southeast seem to have complained the least over the past two years. In total, Ward 12 residents have filed 7,221 complaints. There are currently 180 open complaints.

The second-lowest number of complaints came from Ward 3, in the city’s far north. A total of 7,604 complaints have been filed with 311 since Jan. 2013. Right now, there are 222 open complaints in the area.

The biggest issue

Between Jan. 31, 2013 and Feb. 19, 2015, the most-complained about issue was snow and ice maintenance. That category made up 30 per cent of all complaints filed with 311.

The number of calls relating to each of the 12 service categories broke down as follows:

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  • Snow & Ice Maintenance – 39,940 (30%)
  • Potholes – 31,646 (24%)
  • Drainage Maintenance – 17,712 (13%)
  • Traffic Lights & Signs – 9,182 (7%)
  • Litter and Waste – 8,053 (6%)
  • Tree Maintenance – 6,817 (5%)
  • Road/Sidewalk Maintenance – 6,625 (5%)
  • Parks & Sportsfield Maintenance – 4,920 (4%)
  • Dead Animals – 3,722 (3%)
  • Vandalism/Graffiti – 2,335 (2%)
  • Pest Management – 492 (less than 1%)
  • Structure Maintenance – 463 (less than 1%)

Where are the most snow and ice complaints coming from?

311 heard the most snow and ice maintenance complaints from Ward 8 residents, with 4,213 filed. Ward 9 residents came in second, filing 3,975 complaints.

Where are the most dead animal complaints coming from?

311 received 3,722 complaints about dead animal removal since Jan. 31, 2013. The most calls have come from residents in Ward 2, with a total of 504 complaints. Ward 7 came in second with 459 dead animal removal complaints.

The city released the data as part of the Open City Initiative, a transparency measure meant to connect Edmontonians with city information, programs and services. For more information on 311 Explorer, visit the City of Edmonton’s website.

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