WATCH: There’s an app to get weed delivered to your door in Sacramento

WATCH ABOVE: Medical marijuana users in Sacramento can order weed via an app. Anjali Hemphill reports.

TORONTO – Sacramento State alumnus Stephen Foung has developed an app that allows users to order medical marijuana and have it delivered right to their doorstep.

Sound like a great idea? Maybe for some – but it’s actually illegal to deliver cannabis in Sacramento where the CleverTree app is used and even its creator acknowledges as much.

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“It is a grey area,” Foung told CBS reporter Anjali Hemphill. “But like the city has said, there are several dispensaries that have been operating with delivery for several years on a regular basis – a daily basis.”

Foung added that a complaint has to be filed before the city will even consider any action. So far, nobody is complaining.

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But while some dispensaries take the rebel route and deliver anyway – others aren’t so keen to bring the green.

“We have to keep the public safe, keep the employees safe and we have to know where our product is at all times,” Canna Care owner Lanette Davies said.

In her report, Hemphill adds that Foung would consider moving his business to another location if CleverTree was eventually banned in Sacramento.

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