McGill University ranks #2 as fastest growing ‘sugar baby’ school

MONTREAL — It’s a trend that may be catching on faster than you think.

The Las-Vegas-based website said it promises to hook-up wealthy men — or sugar daddies — with younger women known as sugar babies.

“It’s a dating site just like any other,” explained spokesperson Brook Urick.

“You come to the site, you make a profile, you list what you’re looking for.”

And according to, what many students are looking for is someone to help pay off their university loans.

And many of those students live in Montreal: McGill University ranked second on the sites list of top 20 fastest growing sugar baby schools.

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The website said that university students account for 42 per cent of its overall membership.

In Montreal, there was a total of 417 students from McGill University registered on the site; 161 of them signing up in 2014.

In Quebec overall, there were 322 new sign ups in the same year.

A chart from the website revealed the fastest growing sugar baby schools of 2015:

Universities across Canada ranked by the number of new sign ups to in 2014: 

  1. University of Toronto (Ontario): 195
  2. McGill University (Quebec): 161
  3. University of Saskatchewan: 151
  4. University of British Columbia: 144
  5. MacEwan University (Alberta): 140
  6. Ryerson University (Ontario): 136
  7. Université du Québec à Montréal: 118
  8. University of Guelph (Ontario): 105
  9. University of Western Ontario: 99
  10. Carleton University (Ontario): 98
  11. University of Victoria (BC): 89
  12. York University (Ontario): 83
  13. Simon Fraser University (BC): 70
  14. University of Windsor (Ontario): 62
  15. University of Calgary (Alberta): 55
  16. University of Waterloo (Ontario): 47
  17. Laval University (Quebec): 43
  18. Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia): 39
  19. University of Alberta: 38
  20. University of Ottawa (Ontario): 34

Watch: Global’s Aalia Adam interviews a Montreal “sugar baby”. suggested that young people were enticed by the average $3,000 monthly allowance, as well as the opportunity the website offered to young women to mingle with wealthy benefactors.

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“The guys are wealthy, they’re generous,” Urick told Global News.

“They’re the Christian Grey types.”

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“The sugar babies on the site are able to live a fantasy, they are able to meet men they would never be able to meet otherwise.”

However, dating expert Frank Kermit told Global News that this fantasy is hard to sustain.

“They start off by talking about how wonderful it was, because they got everything they wanted,” he said.

Some of his clients are former sugar babies and sugar daddies trying to get back on the traditional dating scene.

“For the sugar babies, they become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, they become accustomed to not having to work so hard in other areas of their life,” Kermit explained.

“The sugar daddies become dull in spotting social cues because the outcome is guaranteed for them, they’re just paying for it.”

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