Winnipeg boy brews up organization providing coffee to city homeless

WINNIPEG — Brady McQueen is an average nine-year-old boy in his passion for Minecraft and the Winnipeg Jets. His passion to provide a cup of joe to Winnipeg’s homeless people though sets him apart.

“I was five-and-a-half and I saw these people on tv who had nothing and I told my mom that we had to get some coffee for them,” said Brady. He was so moved by a message from the Main Street Project that Brady wanted to help. And so Cups of Warmth was brewed up. His initial donation of four coffee tins five years ago has grown. He’s hoping to give 100 tins to the mission on his tenth birthday in February.

“He has a very big heart,” said his mother Tammy McQueen. “He always wants to help and we try and promote that and nourish that.”

Cups of Warmth gets lots of contributions thanks to its Facebook page. Brady also gives what he can, $35 of Christmas money from his great aunt went straight to his organization. The decision to help was a no-brainer.

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“To make the earth a better place, then there’d be less people without homes,” said Brady.

His mother always hoped her children would have a heart for those around them, “It’s important to help them because one day, at a strange twist of fate, it could be you on the other end that needs help from somebody and wouldn’t you want somebody there to help you when you need help?”

Brady hopes to switch gears when the weather warms up, collecting bottles of water for Winnipeg’s homeless.

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