Bad weather delays and cancels flights across the country

WATCH ABOVE: As Lisa MacGregor reports, the flight delays and cancellations are a headache that may leave some travellers stranded for days.

CALGARY- Bad weather has put a huge damper on travel plans for many people across the country.

Flights have been delayed and some cancelled for several days.

One woman from Calgary was coming home from Puerto Rico with her partner when they got stranded in Halifax Sunday.

They were scheduled to fly out of Halifax Sunday morning with a stopover in Toronto before flying home to Calgary, expecting to arrive Sunday night.

Now, they’re not expected to get to Calgary for four days.

“It’s shock. It’s actually shock. We spent five and a half hours on hold with Air Canada waiting for what the next step would look like.”

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Air Canada said the next available flight from Halifax to Toronto was Sunday night. But from Toronto to Calgary, the next available flight was January 8th.

“We looked at getting on a train, but that doesn’t get home until Tuesday. We thought we’d drive but the roads and conditions might not be safe. So we don’t really know what to do.”

The cancellations are also going to cost Syroid a lot of money.

Syroid said Air Canada told her that because the flights were cancelled due to bad weather, the airline company would not be responsible for the costs of accommodation and other costs associated with it, including missing work.

“We might have to stay in the airport for four days. I don’t know what to do because we don’t have a lot of money to play with.”

She says they don’t have enough money to pay for a hotel on their own for several nights in Toronto. Syroid has also looked at other flights and airlines but the prices are very expensive at this time of year.

At Calgary’s International Airport, more frustrated travellers.

Colin Bath’s flight from Calgary to Montreal was cancelled Sunday.

“I didn’t get up this morning anticipating this. But it also doesn’t surprise me because it’s Montreal and this sort of thing happens during winter,” Bath said. “School starts tomorrow, so I’m going to be a day late.”

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Dara Woytas was going back home to Saskatoon from Kelowna. Saturday, her flight out of Kelowna was delayed for two hours because of deicing and then she missed the next one out. Airport attendants told her to just get to Calgary to find a flight to get home sooner.

Woytas finally got a flight home Sunday afternoon out of Calgary.

“Maybe not travel this time of year. It’s kind of scary being in a plane when it’s not very nice out,” Woytas said.


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