Slippery sidewalks, power outages follow freezing rain in Manitoba

Sunday's freezing rain coated roads and caused power outages in Manitoba. Jordan Pearn/ Global News

WINNIPEG – Sanding trucks are out in Winnipeg and power is still off for some Manitobans following freezing rain on Sunday.

School is cancelled for St. Laurent School and École communautaire Aurèle-Lemoine in St. Laurent due to a power outage and the opening of the Springfield Learning Centre in Anola has been delayed.

Slippery sidewalks are causing treacherous conditions for pedestrians.

The city put 20 to 30 sanding trucks on the streets to improve traction on icy roads and sidewalks.

Motorists reported that while some side streets are slippery, main routes are in better shape – but getting to the car might be a problem. Ice on sidewalks will slow pedestrians Monday morning.

Power was restored to thousands of residences after the ice knocked out power to 3,700 Manitoba Hydro customers in west Winnipeg on Sunday evening, Scott Powell of Manitoba Hydro said.

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Another power outage at about 4:25 a.m. Monday knocked out power to 400 to 500 customers in Crestview, St. Charles and north Headingley. Crews are on the job and power is expected to be restored by 10 a.m.

Power is also out for 2,300 customers in the western Interlake. Woodlands, Warren, Lundar and St. Laurent are all affected.

Crews are patrolling the lines to find the cause of the outage, which hit at about 4 a.m., Powell said.

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