Australian police escort Harper, despite Bieber

Justin Bieber, pictured in September 2014.
Justin Bieber, pictured in September 2014. Getty Images

TORONTO — Police in Australia took shots at some Canadian celebrities on Sunday — on social media — as the G20 summit came to a close.

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) in Brisbane tweeted a photo of one of its police cars leading prime minister Stephen Harper’s motorcade and wrote: “They gave us Celine, Nickelback & Bieber but we’ll still help with their PM’s motorcade.”

The tweet prompted one Australian man to add: “Bryan Adams????”

The QPS replied: “To be honest there was almost too many to choose from. #Avril #Shania #Adams.”

Ottawa’s @AliB613 took aim at the QPS. “wow LOL seriously Bieber k sure… Nickelback whatever… but Celine Dion?! Like come on… who are you kidding? #notcool #Canada.”

Berton Woodward of Toronto listed a few of Australia’s exports in a tweet. “You gave us Rupert Murdoch, Mel Gibson and Kylie Minogue but we’ll still let your kids run Canada’s ski slopes this winter.”

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(Gibson was born in New York, but spent many years in Australia.)

At least one Australian seemed to have Canada’s back.

“Yeah but, Canada gave the world Hockey and [for] that they have a lifetime pass,” tweeted @YeahThisIsHess.

And, in Sydney, @Emely108 pointed out that the two countries’ talent can co-exist. “Thank you for @yannick_bisson … we’ve loaned you @Helene_Joy.”

Bisson is the Montreal-born star of the made-in-Toronto series Murdoch Mysteries and Joy is his co-star — who was born in Perth, Australia. The show airs six nights a week on Australian network 13th Street.

Here’s how it all went down on Twitter: