No trace of Abbotsford family ordered to leave the country

Marianna Juhasz and her family.
Marianna Juhasz and her family. GoFundMe

The Abbotsford family ordered to leave Canada has seemingly vanished.

They’re no longer at their home and nobody can say whether they’ve left the country.

Marianna Juhasz and her two sons Patrik and Tamas have been living in Canada for the past four years. They fled their native Hungary because of alleged domestic violence.

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They applied to stay on humanitarian grounds alleging a threat of domestic violence and child abuse if deported to Hungary, but a federal court judge ruled there was no evidence to suggest their well-being would be threatened.

All day Tuesday friends and neighbours of Marianna Juhasz and her two sons came by to help the family pack and share their grief. Juhasz’s friends and coworkers have written letters to their MP, and even contacted the Immigration Minister, pleading for the family to stay.

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There have been concerns around Tamas’ mental health since counsellors said the 12-year-old threatened suicide if returned to Hungary.

The family says they have been overwhelmed with the support from the community.

The three were supposed to board a flight yesterday morning, but the CBSA will neither confirm nor deny whether the deportation took place.

The agency released the following statement to Global News:

CBSA does not confirm the enforcement of a removal order of any one person for safety and security reasons.

The decision to remove someone from Canada is not taken lightly. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act states that removal orders must be enforced as soon as possible. The CBSA is firmly committed to doing so.

Prior to removal, individuals may seek leave for judicial review, as well as administrative review procedures that assess the potential risk to the person of returning to the country of origin.

Pre-removal risk assessment is one of the safeguards in place to ensure people in need of protection are not removed. This assessment is conducted by officers of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Everyone ordered removed from Canada is entitled to due process before the law and all removal orders are subject to various levels of appeal.

Once individuals have exhausted all legal avenues of recourse/due process, they are expected to respect our laws and leave Canada or be removed.

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