WATCH: Vancouver’s electric car charging stations severely underutilized

It appears that sagging sales of electric and hybrid vehicles are having an impact on Vancouver’s green transportation plans.

A freedom of information request obtained by Global News reveals that Vancouver’s three most prominent charging stations for electric vehicles aren’t exactly crackling with activity.

There are three electric charging stations near Sunset Beach that almost never get used.

The freedom of information request reveals that the stations at Sunset Beach are used on average only 1.4 times a day.

As conventional car gas mileage gets better and the price of oil keeps dropping electric car sales are actually declining.

Sales of hybrid and electric cars across Canada have dropped from 14,000 cars in 2012 to 13,400 in 2013.

Strictly electric cars saw a very small increase in sales in 2014, amounting to an increase of just 163 vehicles across the country.

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As for the Sunset Beach charging stations, taxpayers are not on the hook. The City of Vancouver cut a deal with Telus who paid for the hardware and installation of the stations.

Telus also pays the city about $28,000 per year in licensing fees for three cell towers it was allowed to erect on waterfront public property.

— with files from Ted Chernecki, Global News

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