PETA supporters plan Halloween-themed protest at iconic Montreal deli

Smoked meat sandwiches sit on the counter at Schwartz's deli in Montreal, Thursday, March 8, 2012.
PETA supporters are planning a protest at the iconic Schwartz's deli in Montreal on October 30, 2014. Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

MONTREAL — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) supporters are planning a protest at an iconic Montreal iconic deli on Thursday.

With their bodies painted to resemble the gore of muscle and blood, three “skinned” PETA members will be protesting outside Schwartz’s to raise awareness of the plight of billions of animals raised for food production.

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Bearing signs reading “Flesh Is Flesh: Go Vegan,” the protesters are hoping the Halloween-themed campaign will remind Montrealers that “animals are not ours to eat.”

The Walking Dead [television series] has nothing on the bloody gore of slaughterhouses and factory farms,” said PETA Director of Campaigns Sarah King in a statement.
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“Underneath our skin, we’re all the same, and PETA is urging everyone to go vegan, for animals’ sake and for the sake of their own health.”

The protest is scheduled to take place outside Schwartz’s on Thursday, October 30 at noon.