Shell brings back 1984 gas prices to celebrate anniversary

WATCH: People rejoice as they take advantage of 1984 pricing at a Shell station in Edmonton. Fletcher Kent reports.

EDMONTON – To celebrate 30 years of refining in Alberta, Shell is bringing back 1984 gas prices at select retail locations Wednesday.

Eight stations across Alberta will lower the price of bronze grade fuel to 039.9 cents per litre – the price it was 30 years ago.

The company’s Twitter account was releasing the gas station locations taking part.

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On Thursday, the company was basking in the afterglow of its 1984 gas price event and the public reaction to it.

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Raw video: Shell offered 1984 gas prices at eight Alberta locations on Wednesday, to celebrate “30 years of refining in Alberta.”

“I’m sitting on empty,” said Dave Dupuis, who was waiting for the 10 a.m. deal at the Edmonton Terra Losa Shell station since 7:05 a.m.

“Why not? I’m going to save $80, $90.”

He was first in a long line of vehicles hoping to get the deal within the hour it was being offered.

“At least 250, 300 vehicles,” guessed Dupois. “It’s all the way past Shoppers Drug Mart.”

“I think it’s absolutely awesome. They should give back a little bit… gas is expensive, so when it drops, that’s why there are so many people lined up.”

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Sarah Courchesne wasn’t even born in 1984, but appreciated the deal all the same.

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“I’ve never seen any price this low,” she said. “Fill up… I’m running on empty… It’s pretty nice to be able to get gas this cheap.”

Drivers shared the news on social media.


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The line at Shell’s Edmonton Terra Losa location for 1984 gas price day, Oct. 8, 2014
The line at Shell’s Edmonton Terra Losa location for 1984 gas price day, Oct. 8, 2014. Geoff Stickle, Global News

However, not everyone was thrilled with the deal.

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Scott Hennig with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation offered some perspective.

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Hundreds of volunteers from Shell will take part in the throw-back event.

Three decades ago, Shell opened the Scotford Refinery and Styrene plant 40 kilometres northeast of Edmonton. Shell says all of the products produced at the refinery come from Alberta’s oil sands.

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