New Champion Child ready to represent sick Saskatchewan children

Watch above: meet the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan 2014 Champion Child

SASKATOON – The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan has introduced the new 2014 Champion Child. Aidan Bohle, 12, will represent sick and injured children of Saskatchewan this year.

At the age of five, Aidan was diagnosed with cholesteatoma. Over the past seven years, he’s had seven surgeries to remove the aggressive and reoccurring tumor. A specialist in Saskatoon removed it four times but Aidan was eventually referred to Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary for subsequent surgeries.

“There’s video games that I played when I was there and there was movie screens and drawing tables,” Aidan said when asked what differentiates a children’s hospital from a regular hospital.

The Children’s Miracle Network Champion campaign, presented by Walmart, is in its 20th year in Canada. Aidan told his story at Preston Crossing Walmart in Saskatoon Tuesday morning.

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Over the next year, Aidan will be the face of fundraising efforts throughout the province including the Walk for Miracles and Walmart’s Miracle Balloon campaign.

On Sept. 25 , construction of the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan began. The $250-million project will be complete by 2017.

“We do have a list of equipment that needs to be purchased because children aren’t little adults. they need their own equipment and their own sizes and what not. A child, even the size of Aidan, can’t wear an adult blood pressure cuff,” said Jana Shychosoki with the Children’s Hospital Foundation (CHF).

The CHF has a campaign goal of $25-million which will be used to purchase equipment and will also support the advancement of research.

After multiple surgeries, Aidan lost his hearing in his right ear. His next surgery will restore it. Choosing to live surgery free for a little while, Aidan will decide later when to have that operation.

“I’ll probably just have it within the next three years or something and get it over with,” said Aidan who hopes the Saskatchewan hospital and equipment will be ready on time.

Last year the Champion Child campaign raised over $300,000 in Saskatchewan.

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