The ‘bizarre’ week in Parliament

WATCH: Ottawa Citizen parliamentary bureau chief Mark Kennedy and Canadian Press political reporter Jennifer Ditchburn discuss the week on Parliament Hill.

OTTAWA — Two of Canada’s top journalists weigh in on what one called “a fairly bizarre week” in politics.

There was the Conservative MP’s obfuscation in the House of Commons which led to an emotionally charged apology by week’s end, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper chose to discuss Canada’s potential role in the theatre of war on American soil.

“Someone should be fired for thinking that was a good idea, to make that your platform for talking about our Canadian troops and going out and putting their lives in danger,” said Jennifer Ditchburn, a parliamentary reporter with The Canadian Press.

Mark Kennedy, parliamentary bureau chief for the Ottawa Citizen, said the prime minister should be careful to not give off the message he cares more about what Americans think than the elected members of the House of Commons.

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“It might look entitled. It might look arrogant,” he said Sunday. “So the last thing you want is to perpetuate that notion that you don’t care about what people in Parliament say, that you don’t care about what Canadians might be saying.”

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