WATCH: Cuba Gooding Jr. goes ballistic, removes shirt, after scoring

ABOVE: He shoots, he scores! Check out Cuba Gooding Jr.’s priceless reaction to scoring from centre ice.

While the coming NHL season promises to provide plenty of highlights, there may not be a more enthusiastic goal scoring celebration than Cuba Gooding Jr.’s.

The actor, who is in Chicago shooting a new TV show, took in a Blackhawks preseason game Tuesday night.

As is often the case for visiting celebrities, Gooding was invited onto the ice to take part in the “Shoot the Puck” challenge.

Gooding, a noted hockey fan, is in his element as he lines up to take a shot. His first attempt goes wide, but his second is a tight wrister that goes right into the back of the net.

That’s when Gooding won his Stanley Cup.

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Ok not really – but you wouldn’t know it from his celebration. Gooding walks triumphantly around the ice with his hands raised, taking in the cheers from the crowd before deciding that he just can’t get his celebration on until he takes some clothes off.

First comes his jacket, and then his shirt, as the now mostly-shirtless Academy Award winner struts around the ice like a rock star.

Any sports fan knows that Gooding and hockey-related craziness aren’t exactly strangers to one another. The actor made headlines with his rather exuberant hosting of the NHL awards this past June.

Just like “Tebowing,” “LeBroning,” and “Griffining,” we hope “Cuba-ing” (“Good-ing” would just be too simple) catches on as a goal-scoring celebration – though it may be hard for an NHL player to take his shirt off every time he scores.

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