One-year-old boy incredibly survives after being swept away by flood

Against all odds, one-year-old Tristan is back in his parent’s arms after a powerful flood destroyed the family home, washed away the boy’s bedroom – and carried him away along with it.

“We really thought that we lost him,” Tristan’s mother Ryan Scarcy told KMIR News in Palm Springs, California.

A powerful storm swept through the Joshua Tree, California area Tuesday night, flooding homes and sweeping cars off the road.

A torrent of gushing floodwater slammed into the home that Ryan Scarcy and Brian Bennett had rented just last month, pouring through the house and into the boy’s bedroom.

The water level continued to rise until it reached the roof, at which point the entire wall was washed away.

Brian and Ryan then confronted the moment no parent ever wants to face – their child was gone, swept up in the current.

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“We came around thinking we can break a window to get in and the whole wall was gone,” Brian said. “His room was gone and he was nowhere to be found.”

The water carried young Tristan hundreds of feet from his home and parents, past a barbed wire fence at the edge of their property.

They feared the worst – until a friend shouted that their son was still alive.

“My friend busted the living room window and came in through here and he pointed out and he’s like ‘Dude your son’s over there!'” Brian recounted. “So I turned around and saw him, and he peeked his head out of the mud, [so I] ran out and picked him up.”

“I looked at him made sure he was breathing. Everything was good, vitals were good, he was just in shock.”

And while the family calls Tristan’s survival a miracle, they are sobered by the realization that they lost almost everything in the flood.

“The house is gone, the furniture is gone, Tristan’s things are gone,” Ryan said. “But I’m really thankful to have my son, that we have him and that he’s still alive.”


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