Angle parking, Car2Go stalls introduced to combat parking problem

CALGARY- They may be handy for those needing a quick way to get home, but Car2Go vehicles have created a love-hate relationship when it comes to parking.

“They’re all over the place, and half the time they’re parked illegally as well,” complained one driver. “People just abandon them, because they’re not responsible for them anymore.”

While Car2Go pays for the parking spaces it takes up, the fee is rolled into the rental cost so users don’t need to fiddle around with pay machines. All of those extra cars taking up space in the downtown core has triggered a pilot project to give Car2Gos a designated parking area.

“There has been a lot of frustration, and I think a perception that Car2Gos are taking up a lot of inner-city/downtown parking stalls,” says councillor Evan Woolley. “But if we can provide some specific areas, that would be awesome.”

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The pilot project means the tiny Car2Go vehicles can park in the empty spaces between designated parking spots and intersections. The move could create as many as 450 stalls downtown.

“Customers can find them easily,” explains Troy McLeod from City of Calgary Transportation. “They know they have an available spot when they’re downtown, and the other spaces can be opened up for other customers.”

If the pilot project is a success, then Car2Go vehicles would no longer be allowed to park in regular spots. The city is also adding angle parking along eight streets downtown, creating 100 new spaces to make up for those that will be lost to make room for bike lanes.

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