Olivia Chow hosts ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit at 3 p.m.

Toronto mayoral candidates John Tory (LEFT) and Olivia Chow, attend a flag raising ceremony at city hall on May 16 2014. Fred Lum/ The Globe and Mail

TORONTO – Mayoral candidate Olivia Chow wants you to ask her anything on a Reddit chat Wednesday afternoon from 3-4 p.m.

There were more than 200 questions and comments posted by 11 a.m., including topics like transit and housing.

One of the earliest top-rated comments was from a self-described “long-time resident of Eglinton” who critiqued the way buses seem to show up in “rows of 5-6 all at once.”

“What will your bus plan do to ensure that increasing bus frequency has a tangible benefit instead of simply adding to bus congestion, travelling uselessly together in rows at a time and failing to meet their schedule?” asks the user, with screen name WislaHD.

Other questions centre on topics including TTC subway accessibility, rental affordability and why Chow doesn’t “take a more aggressive stance towards Ford’s many lies during debates?”

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You can take part in the AMA here, and check back for Global News’ selected highlights when the chat closes.

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