WATCH: Adjust hearing aids using app

PENTICTON, BC — You’ve no doubt heard the phrase: “There’s an app for that,” it  may seem like there really is.

Now people wearing hearing aids can adjust their devices using an app on their iPhone or iPad.

“It’s unbelievable,” says 77-year-old George Poitras. “I can’t imagine someone coming along and say you can adjust your hearing aid on your computer.”

Poitras has worn hearing aids for the last seven years. He’s recently hooked up to the latest technology.

Beltone and Apple joined forces, launching a new hearing device called First 17.

The First 17 allows users to customize settings using their app.

“It’s a pretty exciting product. We can do some fast and more detailed adjustments through the iPad or iPhone,” says Cherie Fowlie, a hearing instrument practitioner.

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The General Manager of Beltone Canada believes this innovative technology can also erase the stigma associated with hearing loss.

“We think this may make it more appealing for people because the number one thing about getting a hearing instrument, is that it’s an admission that one of your senses isn’t working properly,” says Frank Skubski.

The app also comes with a “Finder” function. So if the hearing aids are misplaced, they’re always just a click away.

Each hearing aid is roughly $2,000, and the app is free.


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