August 22, 2014 7:19 pm
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Ash “Crash” Cooper


Ash Cooper, or “Crash” Cooper as he’s known to rodeo fans. Loves to perform. He loves it so much he compares it to one of his favorite holidays.

“When I walk into an arena it’s almost like unwrapping a big Christmas present.”

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Crash is one of the most famous rodeo clowns in the world. His quick wit and brilliant sense of humor always seems to entertain a crowd. The ex-bull fighter has been making people laugh his entire life. But he’s more than just a comedien. Cooper is also an artist and a rancher. He’s busy nearly every day working three jobs at once, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“If there was one I liked more than the other believe me I would drop one. I usually just slow down on some, one more than the other depending on the situation or the year and hopefully it keeps a pretty good balance.”

Cooper hasn’t always been as well known as he is now, but after one of his routine’s became famous. He started to notice an increase in popularity.

“I’m known for doing this impersonation of a gopher of all things and I guess when I realized that people were starting to take notice when I’d be working around in the arena and I’d hear people say. Do the gopher! do the gopher! And I keep thinking man I’d like to get something cooler to do then a gopher.”

But Cooper’s been in the game a long time and with other options out there. How long will he remain a rodeo entertainer?

“Could be ten years, or it could be tomorrow when I’m done. I know my body is starting to tell me a little bit that maybe you should slow down , but we’ll just wait and see. up until then we’re just enjoying the ride.”

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