August 22, 2014 5:42 pm
Updated: August 22, 2014 8:50 pm

Blown tire leaves driver wondering who should clean up crash debris


CALGARY- A Calgary woman is wondering exactly who is responsible for cleaning up debris left behind from car crashes, after her vehicle was damaged in the aftermath of one.

Angelika Loughheed was driving westbound along Memorial Drive on Wednesday morning, when she drove over a ratchet extension. She says the tool was lying in the middle of the road, along with remnants of a signal light.

“[I saw] the upper part sticking out of my tire, and I went ‘holy, what is this?’ and my tire was totally flat,” she remembers. “I looked over and nobody else hit any debris, so I just called AMA.”

Loughheed was forced to buy a new tire, and says when she drove on the same stretch of roadway on Friday morning the debris was still there.

The Calgary Fire Department usually cleans up debris from crashes, but in the case of minor fender-benders they do not usually attend the scene. Anyone who witnesses hazards on roadways is asked call 311, so road crews can be send to clean it up.

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