WATCH: Photographer creates stunning timelapse of Mars

Watch the video above: Amateur astronomer Damian Peach captures Mars in amazing detail – from Barbados.

TORONTO – For Damian Peach, it’s all about planets.

Peach, an amateur astronomer from England, loves imaging our celestial neighbours. And the images he captures are mind-blowing.

While in Barbados, Peach – who has had his images featured on NASA’S Astronomy Picture of the Day – took several photographs of Mars from April 15 to 28. He then used a software program to create this timelapse. The result was something that looked like it was shot from space rather than Earth, with the planet’s features clearly visible, including its polar ice cap.

Peach, an expert in planetary photography, said that he uses planets as his subjects due to their ever-changing faces.

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Jupiter, with moons Ganymede and Io taken from Barbados in 2010. Damian Peach
“It’s their dynamic nature,” he said. “Especially with an object like Jupiter. M42 [the Orion Nebula] will always looks the same – Jupiter changes dramatically from one year to another…With something like Mars, for example, it’s somewhere you could stand much as here on Earth.”

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