Statement by Mayor Fennell about Brampton City Council Forensic Audit

Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell's expenses exceed those of Toronto's and Mississauga's Mayors. Susan Fennell / Facebook

For Immediate Release
August 5th, 2014

Statement by Mayor Fennell about Brampton City Council Forensic Audit

The following is a statement by Brampton Mayor Fennell following the release of a forensic audit report, by Deloitte, reviewing the expenditures of all members of Brampton City Council:

“I have not read all of the report. I accept much of what it has to say, but not all of what it has to say.

“I have the privilege and the honour of being the Mayor of this great city, and the buck stops here – with me. I accept responsibility for all that I do as Mayor of Brampton, positive and less positive.

“If there are changes that need to be made, I will make them. And I will work with my colleagues on Council to ensure that they, too, accept responsibility for their shortcomings. That is what we all must do, to better serve Brampton.

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“I will have more to say tomorrow. But I wish to speak directly to the Toronto Star, whose reporter has for many months published material that is unfair, unwarranted and inaccurate.

“I challenge the Star to publish the following instances where I – or my staff – have been exonerated. I look forward to seeing the Star publishing the good – and not just the bad.”

Below is a comprehensive list – detailed by Deloitte in their audit report – of Mayor’s Office expenditures which followed existing City of Brampton policies, guidelines and procedures:

• Allegations that the Mayor’s office and other city employees were being used to support the activities of the Mayor’s Gala, Golf Classic and Community Spirit Team are unfounded (page 9)

• An allegation a “Beatles Tribute Band” that performed at the 2013 Gala was paid for by the City of Brampton is false (page 9)

• An allegation expenses related to the 2013 Mayor’s Open House were waived is False (page 9)

• An allegation a storage unit for personal/campaign items was paid for by City of Brampton is false (page 9)

• An allegation the Rose Theatre provided equipment, tents and delivery for a Firefighter Burn Victim Picnic in June 2012 are false (page 9)

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• The cost for a Brampton hospitality Suite for the 2013 FCM annual conference that was sponsored was not contrary to policies, guidelines and procedures (page 39)

• Business Class Airfare booked for trade missions was in fact in compliance with the 2011 Expense Policy (page 39)

• Car rental expenses incurred by me in 2008 while in Florida on vacation were in fact business related as I was invited to Cape Canaveral by NASA to attend a space shuttle launch that included the newest generation Canadarm. The Canadarm was manufactured in Brampton (page 45)

• Expenses incurred by the Mayor’s Office for a business event in Miami Dade in 2009 was in compliance with the existing policies and procedures (page 45)

• An allegation “Employee 4” purchased an airfare ticket for Robert Raines (Brampton Symphony Orchestra Conductor / CEO) is false (page 47)

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