30 firearms seized at Alberta border this year

Summer in Canada draws many different visitors across our boarder, especially our neighbors to the south.

The influx of travellers during this time of year keeps border patrol quite busy. Last week they seized 12 firearms in three days.

The Canada Border Services Agency criminal investigations unit has laid a total of 16 charges against two individuals in separate seizures at the Coutts boarder.

This year patrol officers have seized 30 undeclared firearms in Southern Alberta. CBSA said in many cases it’s because people aren’t declaring their weapons before entering the country.

“It is concerning. It’s something that travelers should be aware of. They should know the rules and regulations before they enter Canada,” said Rylan Schaffer with CBSA.

He said they’re concerned not only with people trying to bring firearms into the country, but trying to sell them as well.

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“That’s why we go through the steps we do to make sure to mitigate that. That’s why the officers are trained in interrogation and trained in finding concealment methods.”

The two men charged in last week’s seizure did not have the intention of selling. But they did fail to claim their firearms to patrol officers. “Most times people chance it and try to get away with what they can,” Schaffer said.

The CBSA advises travellers to declare all goods they are bringing into Canada. Failure to declare goods, including firearms, and other Customs Act contraventions may lead to prosecution in a court of law.

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