May 29, 2014 7:31 pm

Are TTC express routes faster? Global News puts the TTC to the test


WATCH ABOVE: There are 25 TTC Express bus routes across the city. Do Express buses really save riders time on their commute? Jennifer Palisoc reports.

TORONTO – The TTC has 25 express routes across the city – buses which bypass some stops to get commuters to their destination faster.

Global News recently put the system to the test to see if it truly saves you time versus taking the regular local route.

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One crew started at Sheppard Avenue and Kennedy Road Thursday morning, pitting the 190 Scarborough Rocket against the 85 Sheppard.

The destination:  Don Mills Station.

In this test, the express route bus ride was less than 20 minutes.  However, the 190 Rocket arrived at Don Mills Station one minute later than the 85 local route which makes more frequent stops along the route.

The delay could have been because the 85 Sheppard left two minutes earlier than the 190 Rocket or it could have been traffic flow on that particular day.

Still, some commuters like Logan McKeown say the 190 Rocket saves her time.

“It’s faster.  I love the Express, it stops at the major intersections and that’s what I need,” he said.

Another crew hopped on board the 45 Express and 45 Local at Kipling Road and Steeles Avenue, enroute to Kipling Station.

The TTC estimates the 45 Express is 12 per cent – or five minutes – faster than the parallel 45 Kipling local service.

Our crews confirmed that – travel time was 40 minutes for the 45 local route and 35 minutes for the Express route.

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