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BLOG: Morning News Rewind – May 27

With inactivity running rampant among children, Candace Bloomquist looks at the reasons why and offers tips on how to get children more active.

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On Tuesday’s Morning News, Kevin finds out about an upcoming mine rescue competition and inactive children while Jessica chatted with Dr. Alison Case about infertility in Saskatchewan and a possible partnership between the city and the YMCA for a new recreational facility.

Are children inactive due to convenience?

Remember recess? Only in the Pog phase were we not running around. One kid brought a football from home, or a soccer ball, and sometimes, multiple grades were playing at the same time, but that didn’t matter.

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Whether there was kinmanship or not between these communities was irrelevant – we were active, and we were happy. I got to know my friends’ parents very well through waiting for those friends to be ready.

There were no texts saying “be there in 5.” There was only a bike ride, and showing up at the door. I lamented with nostalgia the bylaw that keeps kids off the roads playing ball hockey. Banning pastimes is ridiculous. And Candance stated why, in a roundabout way – it’s a culture of convenience.

It’s inconvenient to have to wait for the goalie to move the net. That slows down John and Jane white-collar from getting home to slam their deep-dish ready-made pizza in the oven that John pre-set from his mobile device. It’s hot and ready to cook.

It’s inconvenient for John and Jane’s kids, Jimmy and Jenny, to bike away to see their friends. They whine and beg for a ride, and John and Jane can accommodate them; they’ll just set the PVR and not miss their show.

The culture of convenience islargely reducing our culture to worrying about problems and shoring our weaknesses, but are we fixing the issue? What has to give? Whatever it is, I hope it happens soon, or we could stand to face an even greater superficial cultural divide than my generation faced.

Granted, it would probably just happen over the internet. Y’know. Because it’s convenient.

Raising awareness about infertility in Saskatchewan

Infertility affects one in six in Saskatchewan, and the thing about it is, many people experience it don’t know it’s that common.

Infertility Awareness Week is designed to help people cope and explore their options.

During this interview, I talked with Dr. Alison Case about the provincial government’s role in helping couples cope, and how she helps couples.

Skills on display at the mine rescue competition

I’ve gotten a chance to see firefighters have a similar competition (one would imagine) and let me tell you, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

It’s like watching synchronized swimming, only with dudes punching disaster in the face until it dies. What more could you ask for!?

It’ll be a great place to take the kids on a Saturday, and who knows, maybe motivate a few to pursue that career?

Possible new YMCA recreation facility in Saskatoon

Being someone who lives downtown, I would appreciate a new recreational centre in the area … however, can the city support a new one?

When talking to Dean Dodge he did mention it could still be three to six years away.

With the rate the city is growing, it is possible.

Jessica and Kevin preview Tuesday’s Morning News

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